NEW - TeamSnap

BKRA is now using TeamSnap Clubs & Leagues, which allows the BK executive to push notifications, schedule updates and rosters to each BKRA team manager and/or to players and parents.

Once you have been assigned to a team, you will receive an invitation to join TeamSnap. Access your team's schedule at by logging into your TeamSnap account. If you don't already have an account, you will be asked to create one.

Be sure to verify your personnal information while visiting your team, each player/parent is responsible to keep their personnal information up to date and give access to family members.

We strongly suggest you:

>> Download the TeamSnap mobile app.

>> Subscribe to your teams's calendar within the app.

>> Access TeamSnap Help Center here.

BKRA Master Schedule

The BKRA Master schedule is periodically updated below, directly by the scheduler, with all planned association activities, including newly allocated team practices, regular season & playoff games, planned tournaments, and all player & coach training sessions or clinics.

Advise the scheduler immediately if any conflicts, omissions, or other issues arise.


The detailed schedule will be released as soon as possible.

Important Dates:

  • Sep 5th 2017 – Beginning of Try-Outs
  • Sep 10th 2017 – First Warm-up Practices for all U8 girls.
  • Sep 10th 2017 – 4pm to 5pm - OPEN HOUSE - Kirkland
  • Sep 23rd 2017 – Beginning of Pre-Season (end of Try-Outs)
  • Sep 24th 2017 – First Learn To Skate Session, 12pm
  • Oct 21st 2017 - Start of Regular Season
  • Nov 17th 2017 – Start of Pre-Novice Season
  • Jan 8-14th 2018 - BKRA TOURNAMENT
  • Feb 16th 2018 - Start of Playoffs
  • March 27th 2018 - Latest possible scheduled game
  • April 7th 2018 - Reserved for Bunnies Fest


The BKRA scheduler is currently on sick leave. We thank you for your patience while our replacement team fills in for him.

To save or print the schedule , open the google viewer here and select File / Download As from the menu.

View most game scores on the LSL website.

Access team schedules on TeamSnap.