More About the Schedule

Once the Pre-novice schedule is done (generally second week of November) and the deadline for the regular season game changes has passed, the schedule is generally posted on the website.

From the day of the teams' formation to end of December (14 weeks), all teams will have had at least 14 practices (most 15).

Schedule Changes

If you notice a difference between the LSL game schedule and the BKRA website, please notify the scheduler as soon as possible. If a team receives a notice for a game change (LRQ…), additional game (invitation for an exhibition game) or a tournament cancellation/refusal/addition, please notify the scheduler as well.

Practice Attribution

Once we know about all the games and they are inserted in the Master Schedule, we can then see what hours are left for practices during a period. As a general guideline, we start with the week-ends and attribute the practice hours to the teams not playing any games on a given day. Then the weekday hours are attributed according to the number of practices received overall by each team. There are no considerations given anymore to the location or time of the practices. Any ice at any prime time hour is a good ice and a good hour, especially when it costs 230$ an hour (Excellent ice, Bonaventure, McDonald).

On the other hand, we only send U12 teams two at the time to practice at Excellent Ice (because of the size of the ice). We only have pre-novice and novice games at Westwood because there is no shot clock. We only play Junior, Cadette and Intermediate on Saturday evening after 20:30, because it is too late for the younger groups. We send primary school age teams at 17:00 Kirkland Wednesday because they finish earlier than high school students.

All teams receive the same number of practices regardless of their level (A, B or C). If a team refuses/returns/cancels a practice, it is not compensated. If a team's attendance is too low (less than 75%), try to use some call ups or cross over players to make the most out of the allocated time. Notify the scheduler ahead of time (a week) if you really have to cancel so it can be attributed to another team.

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