Arena Protocol

This is a reminder for arena protocol, which applies to our home rinks (Beaconsfield, Kirkland, NTR, Westwood, Ile Bizard and Bonaventure). We have been advised by the Arena Managers to respect the Arena rules.

Here are a few reminders:


Locker rooms are officially available 30 minutes before game/practice time (but often are free 40 minutes prior)

One team per locker room

For GAMES, as the home team, we take rooms as follows:

  • Beaconsfield: one of the last two at the end
  • Kirkland: one of the two on the left
  • Westwood: either a room on the left or right, but NOT the same side as the opposing team

For PRACTICES, we must always take a room “opposite” to the other team. This ensures that if there is a game after us, the two teams do not end up side by side. For example:

  • Beaconsfield: take either 1 and 3, or 2 and 4
  • Kirkland: take either 1 and 3 (or 5) or 2 and 4 (or 6). If the rooms on the right are all free, take the first room. Don’t go way down to the end
  • Westwood: same as for games, one room on either side of the arena
  • Bonaventure: it’s posted. Read the poster
  • NTR: read the screen when you go in
  • Ile Bizard: We think it’s posted, although not sure. Either way, don’t take adjacent rooms

After the game/practice, locker rooms must have all garbage removed. Any personal belongings left behind should be taken home by a parent/coach to be returned to the player

You must vacate the room (typically) 30 minutes after the buzzer. For example, if you are off the ice at 10 minutes to the hour, you should be out by 20 minutes past

Teams arriving for the next game/practice cannot push you out of the room until you are done. If this happens, talk to the head coach and let them know that you are using your available time

Lock your dressing room, especially for older teams where girls often have ipods/phones etc. in their bags. Even then, locks might not always deter thieves, so remind players and coaches that any valuables should be taken with them (i.e. purses) or left at home


The zamboni must be off the ice before going on

For practices, players must be accompanied by the coach to go onto the ice

For games, players must be accompanied by refs to go onto the ice

When the buzzer goes, everyone must get off the ice immediately. The buzzer doesn’t mean “an extra lap around” or a “just one more shot”. Available coaches should start picking up cones, rings, etc... before the buzzer goes so the team is ready to get off the ice immediately. Watch the clock

By default, coaches should bring their own cones. Some arenas have some, many don’t anymore

Make sure players are aware of these rules, especially the young ones who meander off the ice, forget a water bottle, go back to chat, etc...

Coaches should do a ring count before and after the game/practice, and check with the other coach if you are under (and over!)

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