Certification and Bench Staffing Requirements

As there have been a number of inquiries about certifications for this year, below is an explanation of what is required.

First, we would like to recommend that all (certified or non-certified) coaches, managers and ANY adult interested in getting involved to register on the Ringette Canada website.

There are a number of coaching tools available through this website, including how to do a season plan, a drill making tool, etc...adults who want to get involved can learn a lot from this site, even without doing any of the CSI training.

The website can be found at http://www.coachingringette.ca/

Certification and Bench Staffing Requirements

The requirements below are for tournaments.

Most (if not all) associations verify coaching cards and qualifications at tournaments.

Although the requirements are also for regular season games, no verification takes place, so you have leeway. However, you must always have a woman behind the bench at every game.

Maximum Bench Staff

You can have a maximum of 5 adults behind the bench, one of which must be a woman. You must have at least two adults behind the bench.


All CSI or CI trained coaches must complete the Online Ethics training course. Instructions are here: http://www.ringuettebk.ca/CoachesEthics.html

Certified managers, or anyone, for that matter, can do this course as well. There is no charge.

Woman behind the bench

In all cases, at least one of the certified bench staff must be a woman. The intent here is to ensure that there is a female presence behind the bench AND to promote women in coaching roles.

When determining who on the team can fulfill this role, please consider her for an assistant coach position. This should not be a figure head role, where the Mom stands in the back and passes water bottles around. Ideally she is coaching either the forwards or defence, or helping someone do it so she can learn. If she is still starting out, she can do other roles like managing the playing time.

A Level– Atome and Up

  • Manager certification: Maximum of one bench staff behind the bench can be manager certified
  • CI certification: ALL others must be CI certified, including the “official” woman

B Level and Novice A

  • Head coach must be CSI Certified
  • One assistant must be CSI certified
  • All others do not require certification (but can have it, of course)
  • Woman must be CSI certified (can either be the head coach or the certified assistant). Manager certification is NOT enough for this woman certification

C Level "and U8"

  • Head coach must be CSI certified
  • One assistant must either be CSI certified or manager certified
  • Woman must be either CSI or manager certified (can either be the head coach or the certified assistant). BK will cover the cost for two manager certifications at this level
  • All others do not require certification


CSI and CI Courses

These are offered within the region in limited number. CSI is a popular course, especially at the younger levels, since certifications are lacking. Volunteers are sent on a priority basis, as per the requirements of the team’s level.

When selecting who will get trained, be sure that they are available for your team’s tournaments.

The cost of these courses is covered by BKRA, up front.

Manager Certification

Manager certification is done through an online course, at a cost of $22. Anyone can take this course if they are willing to pay for it.

BKRA will cover the cost of manager training as follows (with pre-authorized approval):

  • 1 manager per team, for all A and B level teams
  • 2 managers per team, for all C level teams (since manager certification is a minimum requirement for the assistant coach)

Just log into the site, pay the money, and go: www.ringuettebk.ca/ManagerTraining.html

Once you have completed the training, advise the Director of Coaching.

If you have any questions on certification or require training, please contact the Director of Coaching.

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