Making Ethical Decisions (MED)

This online training course MUST be completed by ALL CSI/CI trained coaches.

If you have completed the online course, it will be indicated at the bottom of your NCCP personal page, with the date that you completed the course. Instructions on how to complete the course are below. Please note that if you completed the course more than 3 years ago, you need to redo the training.

This is what you need to do:

Step 1: Obtain your CC#

  • If you took the course a few years ago, check with Liane if you cannot find your number. She has most CC#, but not all
  • f you took the course just last year, you should have received your CC# by mail. If you have not received it, please send an email to requesting your CC# and a hardcopy of your Coaching Card, for future use

Step 2: Verify if you have already taken the MED online course

  • Go to the website and log into the database (right hand side of the page)
  • If you have completed the course, it will be indicated at the bottom of the page as follows “Coach Training, Community Sport Make Ethical Decisions Online Evaluation, Date, QC”
  • If it’s listed, please send Liane an email indicating your CC# and date that the course was completed, as long as it was in 2009 or later

Step 3: Register for an “NCCP account”

  • To do online courses, you must have an NCCP account
  • If you don’t have one, send an email to with your CC# and request that they provide you with an account/password. They will email you one
  • Once you have your password, you can log in on the NCCP home page (listed above) to verify your personal details, etc., and modify them if required

Step 4: Take the MED course

  • Go to the NCCP Training e-learning page to start the course
  • If you are CSI trained, select Community Sport MED (takes less than an hour)
  • If you are CI trained, select Comp-Int MED (takes a bit more than an hour)
  • Log in using your CC# and password
  • Complete all scenarios. Take your time as the questions test not only your understanding of the scenario but also your ability to pay attention to detail. Some questions are badly worded so be careful

Step 5: Confirm that the course has been completed

  • When you are done, please send an email to the Director of Coaching, indicating your CC# and the date that you completed the course
  • You can verify that you properly completed the course by going back to the NCCP home page and checking your account. The information will be posted immediately after the course is complete
  • Note that once you have confirmed completion to the Director of Coaching, they will also go into the database to confirm that you completed the course. This is not because you aren't trusted (!) but more so that we can be sure that nobody loses certification due to administrative errors

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