Ringette Provincials

Every year, Ringuette Quebec runs Provincials for the AA/A/B levels, starting at the Atome division.

Teams compete for the Provincials against associations that are officially part of the league. For BKRA, being part of Lac St Louis means that we compete for a Provincial spot against St Laurent, 4C, Pointe Claire and Pierrefonds/DDO. We also compete against ourselves when we have more than one team in the level.

The location of Provincials rotates every year between leagues/associations.

This year, Lac St Louis has indicated which games count towards Provincial standings in BLUE. Depending on the size of your division, it’s typically the top two teams that go to the Provincials. You must commit to going in January, even though you might not know until February if you will make it.

The cost of the Provincials is covered by the team.

If you have any queries on this, please contact the Director of Coaching.

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