Overview of Lac St Louis League Rules

The LSL website provides schedule and standings information. It's worth bookmarking the site: http://stats.ringuettelacstlouis.com/

The basic rules within Lac St Louis (and beyond) are:

  • Novice plays 3 in
  • Atome players and up (excluding goalies) must wear mouth guards at all times while on the ice
  • All players must wear the exact same jersey type (no exceptions)
  • Home teams must provide the score sheet with ample time to visitors, prior to the game
  • Score sheets must include all information requested in header, all bench staff (and their signatures), all players, including those that are absent (ABS), derogated (DER), and called-up (RES), Captain (C), Assistants (A) and gaolie (G)
  • Call-ups must be a level below, within the same age category, or a level across and below (within a lower age category). Only C teams can call from each other. In associations where there is no registered call-up team, a higher level player can be “called up”
  • Teams will be considered as running up the score when they win a game by more than an 8 goal spread. Teams who run up the score during the regular season and playoffs will be subject to review by a LSL Committee and could be subject to head coach game suspensions
  • Games that count towards provincial eligibility will be indicated in blue on the LSL schedule. Provincials are held for all A and B teams, for Atome and up. C and Novice festivals are run within Montreal (Jeux de Montreal) and in Trois Riviere. Check the Ringuette Quebec website for details
  • Referee abuse is not tolerated. Coaches are responsible for team behaviour, including that of parents
  • Games cannot be cancelled. Teams that forfeit will be fined $100

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