Tournaments can fill up quickly. To ensure you secure a spot for your team, book as early as possible. Tournaments are listed on the provincial websites:

Steps to take

  1. Check the tournament listings for tournaments that suit your team’s schedule
  2. Contact the tournament organizer as soon as possible to verify if there is room for your team. Often they will explain that it is conditional on payment and ask that you register and send in a cheque
  3. Fill in all the required registration information. If you don’t have all of the players information (as it is early in the season), send the incomplete form, but include a note stating that the team card will follow at a later date
  4. Send in a cheque as soon as possible. Associations require a cheque before they will confirm that you have been accepted. This is the most important aspect of registration. Everything else can be done later
  5. If it’s an away tournament, book a hotel that is suggested by the association, since discounts will apply. You can usually book the hotel and cancel at a later date (check the fine print) if your team is not accepted. Consider getting a “team” room for a pot-luck dinner, if that had been decided
  6. Secure your team card and player cards for the tournament, and ensure that all coaches have their certification information on hand for registration
  7. Bring an alternate set of jerseys just in case
  8. Be prepared for 1 hour pre-game arrival

Although checking availability with players/parents is advisable, sometimes decisions have to be made quickly. If you spend too much time negotiating dates with parents, you may miss registration opportunities. Avoid major holidays like spring break weekends.

For tournaments in playoff period, black-out dates must be provided in February, so these tournaments can be booked later in the season. It is advisable, however, to book these tournaments early as well, in case they fill up.

It is also possible to book tournaments during weekends where you already have league games. Tournament organizers, if desperate for teams, will usually accommodate schedules.

Please remind families that they are representing BKRA during tournaments and to behave with respect for others. BKRA has a nice reputation and hope to continue in that tradition.

For further guidance on tournament bookings, please contact the Director of Coaching.

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