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Ringette Equipment

To learn tips on how to buy ringette equipment, view our

Ringuette Equipment Buying Guide

BKRA Game Pants

Required for all players in Novice level and above. We recommend you keep the BKRA pants for games only and use another pair for practices. Practice pants can be bought at recommended stores listed at the bottom of this page. For younger players, rain pants can do the trick and game pants are not required.

To order pants, contact our equipment manager.

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BKRA Brand Clothing

CSG Catalogue Hoodie Sizes

Where to Buy New Ringette Equipment

We recommend Play it Again Sports (new and used) and Frasers La Source du sport.

Other good places in the West Island to buy ringette equipment include Hockey Experts. You can also find some protective gear as well as water bottles with long spouts at Canadian Tire and Walmart.

4 year old players are often too small to fit even the smallest gear (7" knee pads and XXS girdle). In this case, it is recommended to use stretch undergarments with padding until they fit into regular protective gear. "Dynowear" is a brand that can be found online and in some stores.

Get info on ringette pants at the top of this page.

Used Equipment Section

You can advertise on Friends of BKRA's facebook page if you have any items you want to sell at give away prices.

Ask an existing member to join the closed group if you are not a member yet.