What is Ringuette?

Ringette is a team sport on ice created specially for girls. The purpose of the game is to shoot the ring into the opponent's goal, using a stick without a blade, thereby scoring points. For this, all the players have to work together since no one is allowed to skate across a blue line with the ring. Therefore, the values of cooperation sharing and team spirit are at the heart of this sport. Safety is also a priority; violence, whether physical or verbal, is not tolerated. No boarding or body checking is allowed; so then, it is not the fear of the opponent that motivates the passing of the ring, but the making of well planned plays. Finally, no one is allowed in the goalie crease. This prevents obstruction and physical contact with the goaltender.

Over 25,000 women play ringette, and in the West Island, it is the most popular ice sport for girls.

Ringette is about girls
Ringette is about friends
Ringette is about fun.

If you want to understand the game and rules further, consult the Ringette Canada website.