BKRA Executive

Many of the executive directors are looking for help and/or a delegation transition. If you are interested in helping your association, please contact one of the members below. The roles and responsibilities of the executive and director positions are outlined here and are taken from the BKRA Operating Procedures & Bylaws document.

The members of the executive committee are elected at the Annual General Meeting at the end of each season for a 2 year period, after which the position becomes VACANT. Please submit your nomination in writing to the BKRA Secretary at least 10 days prior to the meeting.

Executive Officers
PresidentJeff LiddellVACANT
Vice-PresidentMark GagliardiVACANT
TreasurerSharon RothwellVACANTChristine Martin-Daley
SecretaryShannon BlythShannon Blyth
Technical DirectorCortney KeebleCortney Keeble
SchedulerSteve BurnsSteve Burns
U8 ProgramsDave LeeDave Lee
CoachingRick BurchillVACANT
RegistrarLisa YeeVACANTLisa Yee
Public Relations
(ice and city)
Sue Ng-OuimetSue Ng-Ouimet
FundraisingRobert KraussRobert Krauss
EquipmentDoug BalmerDoug Balmer
Marketing/CommunicationsTania PeresTania Peres
WebmasterNatasha CyrVACANT
Referee in ChiefAudrey DaltonAudrey Dalton
Coordinator of Minor Officials
Hubert DumontVACANT