Executive Positions

Depending on the year, other officers or director positions may be assigned to the executive commitee. Here are the main ones.

Article 8 - Duties of Officers and Directors

8.1 President shall
8.1.1 be the chief officer of BKRA
8.1.2 be the official spokesperson
8.1.3 chair all executive, general and the Annual General Meeting
8.1.4 has signing authority with the Treasurer and Vice-President
8.1.5 exercise the power and authority of the Executive, provided a majority of the Executive approve of the decision and such decision will be reviewed at the next regular meeting of the Executive
8.1.6 report to the Executive as needed
8.1.7 report annually to the AGM
8.1.8 represent BKRA at the LSL monthly meetings and at the R.Q. AGM (if possible)

8.2 Vice-President shall:
8.2.1 assume all of the duties and responsibilities of the President in the absence of the President, or where the President is unable to act
8.2.2 assume other duties assigned by the president
8.2.3 has signing authority with the Treasurer and President
8.2.4 represent BKRA at the LSL monthly meetings and at the R.Q. AGM (if possible)

8.3 Secretary shall:
8.3.1 maintain records of proceedings and meetings
8.3.2 have custody of all documents and records of the BKRA
8.3.3 issue notices of all meetings

8.4 Treasurer shall:
8.4.1 pay all accounts and receive all monies on behalf of the BKRA
8.4.2 keep accurate records of all monies received and disbursed
8.4.3 has signing authority with the President and Vice-President
8.4.4 report at each Executive meeting as needed
8.4.5 report Annually to The Annual General Meeting

8.5 Registrar shall:
8.5.1 organize and supervise the registration process ( early birds: from April to July) and public registration sessions (end of August)
8.5.2 keep accurate records of the payments and data
8.5.3 remit all moneys to the treasurer on a regular basis
8.5.4 communicate with the LSL registrar and the RQ office (if required) and respect the deadlines

8.6 Scheduler shall:
8.6.1 incorporate the BKRA games in the Master and plan the practices on a rotation for all the teams
8.6.2 report at each Executive meeting as needed
8.6.3 report Annually to The Annual General Meeting

8.7 Director of Coaching:
8.7.1 ascertain the levels available
8.7.2 recruit and assign conveners for all levels
8.7.3 coordinate coach selection and training

8.8 Tournament Director shall:
8.8.1 recruit the tournament committee
8.8.2 organize the tournament

8.9 Web Master shall:
8.9.1 organize and maintain the website

8.10 Fundraising director shall:
8.10.1 propose and organize fundraising activities
8.10.2 coordinate the tournament program advertisement system with the teams

8.11 Marketing/Communications shall:
8.11.1 provide the registration information to all the cities publications
8.11.2 update the brochure, coordinate the printing and distribution (sports association, cities racks…)
8.11.3 update the arena displays
8.11.4 provide information to medias for the registration/Open house and tournament

8.12 Equipment manager shall:
8.12.1 remit, recuperate and store the material (jerseys, rings, goalie equipment) to and from the teams at the beginning and the end of the season
8.12.2 keep an inventory and order to replace worn equipment within the approved budget

8.13 Referee in chief shall:
8.13.1 encourage and supervise the development of local referees form BKRA players and members
8.13.2 liaison with the LSL referee scheduler and RQ referee in chief

8.14 Technical Director shall:
8.14.1 plan and organize the goalie clinics, power skating courses, coaching clinic and other clinics desired to assist the development of players according to the approved budget

8.15 Minor officials scheduler shall:
8.15.1 develop, schedule and supervise the time keepers and the shot clock operators

8.16 Public Relations shall:
8.16.1 maintain regular contact with the City Councils and the Recreational Services personnel of each city
8.16.2 attend the Annual Ice meeting of each arena
8.16.3 secure the ice, gymnasium and room rental with all the facilities for all the association regular activities and the tournament.